Revamp Trainings. Boost Productivity. Enhance Your Business. Prove Legal Compliance.

We stand for talent and hard work. It drives us, it drives you, it drives any venture. Expose the talent of your employees by providing them with appropriate training. Hard work pays off with AbleToTrain.

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Why do you need


  • One of the most frequent uses of a Learning Management System (LMS) is to train employees and manage the training process.

  • Long gone are the days when managers had to hire external tutors to train employees. AbleToTrain has come to reorganize business education and room allocations as a more budget-friendly and cost-efficient solution.

  • AbleToTrain is an all-in-one software solution which allows to manage all kinds of legal and regulatory trainings, educate employees, track their training progress and certify them.

  • AbleToTrain is an easy, efficient, multi-purpose LMS designed specially for business needs of small and medium-sized companies, as well as large international corporations.

What is eLearning?

  • The digital age enhances all our daily activities. Learning is no exception. eLearning designates all types of learning facilitated by digital devices and technology.

  • eLearning is the more effective alternative of classroom learning: It’s scalable, more personalized, more up-to-date, and more interactive while giving the learners the control of their own learning process.

  • Moreover, eLearning is typically cheaper for companies, as compared to traditional classroom learning.

  • By opting for our corporate eLearning tool to train your employees and freelancers, you will have access to more efficient trainings which will cost less. Electronic trainings are economically efficient.

What You Gain

Our corporate learning system is all you need to effectively train employees and drive productivity. Alongside all the useful features, here are some benefits you gain by subscribing to our application.

Industries that Use AbleToTrain

We know that each position comes with industry-specific training requirements, so we don’t impose restrictions on the trainings that you create. On the other hand, there are employee trainings that are more or less universally necessary, and mostly even mandatory to provide to employees. AbleToTrain serves you as a solution to all your training needs and requirements: be it specific skills for your business or standard compliance, onboarding trainings and even testing. Here is a quick view of the industries that are currently using AbleToTrain while you’re evaluating the pros and cons.





  • Make custom trainings
  • Categorize trainings
  • Customize system
  • Invite users
  • Assign roles



  • Assign trainings
  • Use trainings library
  • Track progress



  • Evaluate proficiency
  • Assess knowledge



  • Certify users!

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