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Why should you allow your staff to exercise on the job?

Allowing your staff to exercise at work can help them feel and perform better. The benefits of exercise are far from hidden. With new boutique clubs opening on a weekly basis, it would appear that we live in an exercise-obsessed world. Except one thing is missing: genuine exercise. Despite being bombarded with exercise information at every turn, the ordinary individual does not exercise enough.

With so few adults receiving enough physical activity on a weekly basis, merely reminding people that exercise is healthy is patently ineffective. It’s time to think about incorporating exercise into the workplace. After all, aside from resting, the ordinary person spends a significant chunk of his or her week at work.

Fewer acute and chronic illnesses

It’s difficult to grow a business when your staff are absent or only show up half the time (hello presenteeism). If you want to attain your company’s full potential, you need your employees to show up with plenty of enthusiasm and focus.

2.5 hours can be readily divided into 30 minutes each daily. Set aside some time in the early afternoon for employees to get in a little workout, and the afternoon energy slump will be a thing of the past.

Improvements in mental capacity and long-term memory

Exercise aids with weight management, immunity, mood, and cognitive function. As we age, we may hear that “they aren’t as sharp as they used to be or can’t remember as well.”

Employee happiness and engagement are higher

There’s no getting around it: work will become difficult at some point, and our mental and emotional intelligence will be put to the test. Workplace stress and instability might distort an employee’s impression of their job. When people’s perceptions change for the worse, they are more likely to hunt for other employment or leave their current ones.

Neither is desirable for a business because they both have an impact on the bottom line. But all is not lost; incorporating exercise into the workday is a simple method to improve employee satisfaction and engagement.

While it may appear tough to include exercise in a daily routine, it does not have to be. The two most important factors for getting started right away are establishing a timeline and having clear communication routes to get everyone on the same page.