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Why is workplace health and hygiene so important?

Employees must feel entirely protected while returning to work following the coronavirus. Employers are making the required efforts to ensure rigorous health standards are met, such as decontaminating equipment, desks, and communal areas.

When is cross contamination possible?

Various objects and surfaces across the office are designated “high-touchpoints,” or spots that come into contact with a large number of people during the day.

High touchpoints are frequently found in high traffic locations and necessitate extensive cleaning before employees may return to the office. Following a decontamination clean, these “high touch areas” would need to be disinfected and cleaned on a regular basis to prevent cross-contamination.

Common high-traffic touchpoints throughout the office include:

  • Door handles;

  • Staircase rails/handrails;

  • Lift buttons;

  • Kitchen surfaces;

  • Taps, kettles, and refrigerator doors;

  • Rubbish bins;

  • Communal office meeting phones;

  • whiteboards or markers;

  • Toilet handles;

  • Sinks;

  • Light switches;

  • Desks.

Many studies have shown that germs can spread within an office in about 2 hours from an infected person to the entire office on the same floor via contaminated touchpoints.

It is critical to ensure that all commonly shared touchpoints are fully cleaned and, more critically, disinfected by implementing a frequent and thorough decontamination service that extends the protection’s lifespan.

Because all of the products we use are non-toxic and safe for humans and pets once applied, we prioritize the safety of our personnel and clients.

Cleaning on a regular basis

Cleaning is the process of removing dust, filth, bacteria, and debris from things and surfaces in order to make them sanitary. Cleaning destroys the majority of organisms on surfaces, but not all of them.

The consumer does not need to wear any personal protective equipment when using mild or watered-down chemicals (PPE). During routine cleaning, common household goods such as multipurpose cleaning solutions and bleach are frequently encountered.


The disinfection is more powerful than the chemicals found in cleaning goods. The disinfection technique kills the vast majority of infections, but not all types of bacteria. After completing a full decontamination process, it’s a good idea to establish a schedule for disinfecting hotspots within the office with wipes or spray.


Decontamination is a technique for successfully eradicating viruses and preventing their transmission. Toxins and dead microbes may persist, but they are not hazardous to humans.

A valid decontamination procedure will necessitate the use of a qualified technician. PPE must be worn at all times because the compounds can be exceedingly dangerous if inhaled or touched.

Hygiene is important

The human body might provide the ideal environment for illnesses to thrive. Many people are asymptomatic, meaning they are oblivious to the fact that they are sick. As a result, these infected individuals can spread the virus while remaining entirely oblivious. Adopting the principles of proper hygiene practice will surely reduce the odds of becoming infected as well as the risk of unintentionally transmitting the virus.

A happy, productive workforce is one that is healthy. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that if each employee maintains good hygiene, there will be a potential for them to become ill. Employees and consumers would feel more secure if the company had an explicit policy dedicated to proper hygiene in the workplace.

Maintaining a safe distance

Outside of your household bubble, keep a distance of at least 1 meter (3 feet). Wearing a mask in public places is strongly advised, yet it is required in some locations unless you are exempt.


In order to maintain appropriate hygiene, you must wash your body as well as your clothes and masks.


One way to prevent workers from feeling terrified or worried when they return to work is to provide a safe workplace. The government’s guidance is continuously changing, which does not inspire confidence in the public. We offer a unique set of talents that can assist you in getting your staff back to work and feeling pleased and confident.