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Who can provide first aid?

Any person who is prepared for such interventions must administer first aid in the event of an injury or acute illness at the scene.

The definition of a rescuer

The rescuer, who administers first aid, does not take the role of the doctor, but via the precautions he takes, he must be able to avoid:

  • the injury victim’s condition is getting worse;

  • the emergence of other difficulties;

  • the victim’s demise.Rescuers can be divided into three groups based on their training:

  • Physicians of any specialty: they will intervene with priority at the scene of an accident;

  • Health professionals and college seniors studying medicine;

  • Everyone who has received first aid training.

First aid in the event of an accident or acute illness should be given by first and second category rescuers and professional rescuers, unless it is really urgent and/or in a remote location.

The rescuer must be aware of the particular risks associated with the jobs for which he is ready to render first aid in the event of an accident or an acute illness while acting as a preventive measure. He needs to communicate with the management team and the employees working on the occupational safety and health project.

The rescuer’s training must emphasize practical skills, with explanations provided while the actions are taught and practiced. This training needs to be supplemented with routine training in order for rescuers to undertake resuscitation techniques and rescue operations anytime, wherever.

The most crucial duty of a rescuer is to stop the victim’s condition from getting worse because poor treatment might make or even jeopardize the future specialist interventions of the doctor.