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WhatsApp updates the privacy policy to allow more data to be shared with Facebook.

Many users will have to accept the new terms or lose access to the application.


WhatsApp Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

WhatsApp announced in a major update to its Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions that, beginning February 8, users in many parts of the world will share some of their data with Facebook, the chat application’s parent company. Importantly, users who do not agree with the new terms will be unable to use the app or will be required to delete their accounts.

The announcement was made through an in-app notification that displays important updates to WhatsApp’s policies and terms of service. These are divided into three major categories: how the app processes user data, how businesses can use Facebook-hosted services with WhatsApp, and how the app partners with Facebook to provide integration with Facebook products.

However, keep in mind that European users will be exempt from the new service sharing practices and will only see the first two of the three points in the notification. Niamh Sweeney, WhatsApp policy director for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), attempted to clear up the confusion:

What about the rest of the world, though? Here’s an important part of the platform’s new Terms of Service, which will apply to those users:


Whatsapp – Receiving information from Facebook companies

WhatsApp receives information from Facebook companies and shares it with them, as described in the WhatsApp Privacy Policy, for a variety of purposes, including providing integrations that allow you to connect your WhatsApp experience with other Facebook products; ensuring the security, safety, and integrity of Facebook’s products; and improving your advertising and product experience.


Information that Whatsapp collects

At this point, it is important to remember some of the key information that WhatsApp collects:

  • Your phone number, which you used to sign up for an account with.

  • Your photo and information in your profile

  • Your WhatsApp contacts’ phone numbers

  • Transaction and payment information

  • Information on the location

  • model, operating system, and mobile network information about your device.

  • Other data, such as your IP address, device operation details, and identifiers

You agree that Facebook and its affiliates may have access to at least some of your data if you accept the new terms and rules.


WhatsApp includes the following information is included in its FAQ section, which focuses on security and privacy: “The information we share with other Facebook companies includes your account registration data (such as your phone number), transaction records, service information, information about how you interact with third parties (including companies) when you use our services, information about your mobile device, and information about your mobile device.”