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The unspoken link between physical activity and job performance

Identifying a performance link

We live in a world where we are always connected. Workplace pressures include being asked to perform more with less, balancing work and home life, and even more digital connectivity. Resilience helps us deal with this, and podcast guests almost uniformly agreed that embracing physical exercise will contribute to enhancing how we live and work.

Good leaders understand that our personal lives are inextricably linked to our professional lives. We must ensure that we are happy and healthy if we are to come to work every day and give it our all.

Making health and fitness a priority

Exercise is a key approach for accomplishing this. Endorphins and serotonin are released, which increase your mood and pump blood to your brain. Simply said, exercise allows you to think more clearly. It also expands the hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for memory. Companies that encourage their employees to exercise every day and work on their mental health by supporting techniques such as meditation will reap the benefits of a more productive workforce.

Finding the performance link

Physical activity has been demonstrated to boost concentration, memory, learning speed, and stress reduction. All of the things that influence our ability to show up and perform at work. The article also points out that, while many of us are busy and find it difficult to prioritize physical activity, it actually saves us time by ensuring we are more productive overall. Physical activity was also linked to mood benefits. Something I’m sure you’ll appreciate if, like me, your day entails interacting with a variety of stakeholders.

It is critical that we incorporate physical activity into our daily life, but it does not always have to be a gym or a run if it is not something you love. As work cultures shift, we find ourselves online at inconvenient times to accommodate foreign meetings or busy schedules. Finding time to prioritize a daily exercise habit allows us to shift our thinking so that we perceive everyday exertion as a forerunner to productivity. Just as we prioritize a large project or a deadline, we must prioritize our physical health because it is critical to overall success. Companies must also support this transformation.