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The top ten most common fire incidents and how to prevent them

Every year, approximately 400,000 incidences of house fires are reported in the United States, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Anyone who has been through a fire knows how terrifying it can be. It is not only a property thief, but also a threat to human life.

This is why it is critical to avoid fires and remain attentive. The property owner is responsible for ensuring the property is safe from any potential fire hazards. You can reduce the danger of a house fire by understanding the most prevalent causes of fires and how to prevent them.

According to the National Fire Prevention Association’s research, the following are the most prevalent fire occurrences, as well as suggestions and fire protection items that can help you avoid them.

Equipment for Cooking

Overheating kitchen equipment might potentially result in a fire. It will only take a few seconds for the flame to get larger, and before you know it, your kitchen will be engulfed in flames.

This is why, especially when cooking, you should never leave your kitchen unattended. You don’t just risk burning the food you’re preparing; you also risk exposing your home to fire threats.

Keep your paper towels, oven mitts, and dish towels away from the stove or any other source of heat to avoid a house fire.

You might also get a Fire X Mini. Because of its small size, this fire safety equipment is designed to fit into tight areas. It can be installed in your kitchen to help avoid fires. Because this is a self-activated fire safety device, it will immediately discharge fire extinguisher chemicals whenever it detects smoke, even if you are not present.

Tobacco use

Smoking is not only harmful to one’s health, but it can also be the cause of a fatal fire. In fact, according to a survey, smoking was responsible for almost 1,000 firehouse fires in a single year.

Lit cigarettes caught in the fabric of a curtain or dropped into a pile of garments can cause a fire to spread throughout the house, making it impossible to save the entire house.

The only way to avoid this prevalent fire hazard is to refrain from smoking inside the home or business. Smoking outside reduces the likelihood of a house fire. However, it would be far better if you could persuade the smoker to give up his habit.


Candles, according to a survey, were responsible for about 18,000 residential fires. The carelessness with which a lit candle is handled can result in the loss of life and property. When a candle is lit in a room, it is critical that someone is present, and if not, the candle should be extinguished.

There are many flammable materials in the house that could cause a fire, especially if they are next to a lit candle. A candle with a trimmed wick can help to reduce the size of the flame. There are a variety of battery-operated candles that can serve as a suitable replacement while also reducing the risk of fire in your home.

Playing with Fire by Children

Children like playing with anything they come across. They can, unfortunately, start a fire just by playing. According to a research, children playing matches and sparks caused roughly 56,300 fire accidents between 2005 and 2009.

We appreciate that you will not be able to supervise your children 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is why you should consider purchasing Firetech Global’s Fire X Extinguishing Ball. This fire extinguisher is equipped with cutting-edge technology and may be used to put out a fire before it spreads. When you can’t keep an eye on your kids, this self-activated fire extinguisher is the best option. It will aid in preventing a fire from spreading and alerting nearby residents.

Wiring Issues

One of the most common causes of fires is faulty wiring. Households with faulty or neglected wiring are more likely to have a fire.

If you notice that the lights fade when you use another home device, it could be a sign that your wiring needs to be repaired. If you have to unplug your refrigerator in order to use your microwave, this is also a clear symptom of poor wiring.

If you rent a house or an apartment, it is critical that your landlord inspect the wiring as soon as possible. To lessen the chance of a fire, turn off your appliances first. Alternatively, you can hire a professional electrician to come to your home and evaluate the wiring to ensure that it is in good working order.


Some folks enjoy throwing a BBQ party. If you are one of them, you must exercise extreme caution. Barbecue grills are also one of the leading causes of fires. Despite the fact that the number of occurrences is lesser than other sources of fire, it is still important to be cautious and responsible when using your grilling station.

You may reduce the danger of fire occurrences by ensuring that your grilling station is properly maintained and cleaned before use. Before storing the grilling station, you should also remove the removable elements. Also, make sure the gas bottles are free of leaks each time you plan to use it for an outside meal or celebration. Clean it after each usage and make sure the fire is thoroughly extinguished before leaving it.

Lighting is another awful cause of fire. When lampshades are pushed over, they might cause a fire hazard. Lights that are additionally insulated from the ceiling timbers have the potential to catch fire.

You should try installing the Fire X Rect to prevent this from occuring. It’s a rectangular-shaped fire extinguisher that’s ideal for both home and business use.

Once the device is placed, you may rest certain that when it detects a fire, it will immediately spray non-toxic fire extinguisher chemicals into the surrounding area. This fire prevention device is ideal for a home that leaves its lights on at night.

Trees for Christmas

It’s a joy to put up a Christmas tree during the holiday season, especially if you have children or enjoy entertaining people at home. However, no matter how beautiful these evergreen trees are, they can also spark a fire. Although the number of instances involving Christmas trees is lower (about 170 per year in the United States), they can nonetheless result in death.

You can lessen the chances of a fire by using a plastic needle artificial tree. Just make sure you choose your light-bulb string carefully. A plugged-in device that is overloaded might potentially be a problem. As a result, turn off the Christmas tree light before going to bed or when no one is present. You should also avoid using old Christmas lights because they pose a fire threat.

Fires Caused by Chemicals

Chemical fires are common in business buildings, but they can also happen in a home. For example, if volatile gasoline begins to vaporize and reaches a flash-point temperature, a fire may result. It can also happen when chemicals in the air combine with oxygen and reach a flash-point temperature, causing a fire to start.

Every year, approximately 14,000 fires involving chemicals are reported, according to data. As a result, it’s critical that you store your chemicals somewhere dry and cool. It should be kept away from any heat source. When it comes to correctly storing gasoline, you should also follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Heating Devices

Every family requires heating equipment during the winter. It could, however, be the source of the fire. According to a 2010 estimate, roughly 57,100 homes in the United States were destroyed by fires caused by heating equipment.

As a result, having your heating equipment tested and maintained every year before you use it is critical. Make sure that any combustible materials are kept away from the heating equipment. You should also make sure to turn off the heating system before leaving the house for work.

Final thoughts

It’s a horror to see your hard-earned home burn down, especially if your loved ones are stuck inside. A fire event is one of the worst things that can happen to somebody.

As a result, we must educate ourselves on fire safety. There are numerous simple steps that can be taken to avoid a major fire.

Investing in fire safety equipment is also a necessary if you live in a large family. Some items are made expressly to prevent fires and save lives. Because you can’t stay in the house all day to keep an eye on it, these smart fire prevention solutions can come in handy, especially for working professionals.