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The advantages of exercising for your employees

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re an employer who cares about your employees’ health (aww…). Or perhaps you are an employee hoping that this is a useful post to share with your employer so that you might earn greater employee health benefits.

Increase productivity by 21%

Who doesn’t want that as an employee? Large corporations such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter provide excellent wellness perks to their employees. This includes a complimentary gym membership at a nearby gym, at their office building, or in their own workplace.

As an employer, you can help improve health awareness and emphasise the value of exercise to your staff. You can reap the rewards of investing in your staff by doing something as basic as hosting seminars and fitness programs for your organization.

Fewer sick days

Employees on sick leave not only reduce productivity but are also costly due to the cost of recruiting temporary personnel or if other employees must handle the increased job, which could lead to overwork, stress, and the need for more MC.

Not only does it benefit the company, but it also saves money on doctor consultations and time spent waiting in line at the clinic. Employees can also prevent feeling sad and concerned about the looming workload once they return to work.

Reduced stress, better work-life balance

Please stop reading if you are one of those bosses who does not believe in work-life balance, does not exercise, and wants your workers to work like a cow and live the same lifestyle as you. Unless you are the polar opposite, or you were previously like that and want to change.

Endorphins are produced by the body when you exercise. They are molecules that respond in your brain, lowering pain perception and eliciting happy emotions.

Simply exercising will result in increased productivity, decreased sick leave, happier staff, and many other benefits. So, have you considered implementing a health and wellness program at your workplace?