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Six great waste management strategies for your business

The duty of care for waste protects the environment by encouraging more sustainable waste disposal methods. There are rules that you must follow while dealing with waste as a business that generates waste.

To receive a rapid overview of your duty of care requirements, use these six top ideas.

Before disposing of waste, consider alternate choices

You must demonstrate good waste management by evaluating waste hierarchy choices for waste prevention, re-use, recycling, or other recovery before deciding on the final option – disposal. Your waste could be a precious resource and a lucrative business opportunity.

Prevent garbage from escaping

You must ensure that no waste items escape your control. Containers must be suited for storing, transporting, and managing waste. Discuss the packaging requirements for safe transit with your waste carrier.

Correctly describe your garbage

With your waste transfer note and on container labels, include a clear, accurate, and complete description of your waste. If you do not do this, you may be held accountable if something goes wrong after the garbage has been transported.

Only allow an authorized person to handle your waste

You must guarantee that any individual or firm to whom you send waste is registered. Do not give them your waste if they are not registered when they should be.

Avoid causing harm with your waste

Your waste obligation does not end at the door of your business. If you ignore indications of mistreatment, you may share liability with the waste carrier for any harm caused by your waste. Use any knowledge you have to halt illegal waste disposal.

Maintain accurate records

It is your responsibility to ensure that all pertinent information about your waste is delivered down the waste chain. If harm is done or waste is dumped, it could be traced back to your company. Keep track of any questions you asked or registration requests you made. This will come in handy if something goes wrong with your trash management later on.

Non-hazardous waste transfer notes should be kept for at least two years. Consignment notes should be preserved for three years (hazardous waste).