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Provisions concerning first aid

What is the definition of first aid?

First aid is the term for the emergency medical care provided to someone who has suffered an accident, injury, or illness. Before qualified medical assistance arrives, first aid is administered by regularly trained people.

People should be trained in and ready to offer first aid to their coworkers because workers may require it while at work.

Legal obligations of employers

In any business, the following first aid standards must be met:

  • A first-aid kit with the necessary supplies;

  • A person who has received first-aid training;

  • First aid knowledge for all staff members.

Regardless of the size of the business, every employer in the UK is required by law to plan for the provision of first aid at work.

Employers are required to ensure that first aid is always provided or organized. If the designated first aider is not there for any reason, this is applicable. A current first aid training certificate is required for first aiders.

All employers are not required by law to have a first aider on staff, but someone must be designated to oversee first aid in the workplace.

First aid evaluation

It is mandatory for all companies to evaluate their first aid needs. This analysis should take into account:

  • If a designated first responder is necessary;

  • Potential occupational hazard;

  • the company’s size in terms of employees and space;

  • prior injuries and illnesses

  • Working hours and shift schedules;

  • personnel placement (on-site or off-site) during working hours;

  • How far you are from emergency services?

  • prospective clients or customers.

First-aid kit

A first aid kit can contain anything, however it should at the very least include the following items:

  • a leaflet with general first-aid instructions;

  • plasters of various sizes;

  • sterile triangular bandages;

  • 1 pair disposable gloves

  • safety pins;

  • medium-sized sterile wound dressings;

  • sterile eye pads.

The majority of low-hazard organizations, like offices, can get by with this first aid kit. Check that all first aid supplies are updated. The first aid kit shouldn’t contain tablets or medications.

Unique specifications

For several industries, there are particular regulations governing their first aid needs. For instance, first aid regulations for diving and offshore jobs are both more extensive.

Make sure you have enough first aid supplies if you work for yourself. Even while you are not required to provide first aid supplies beyond what is necessary for domestic use if you work from home and perform low-hazard jobs, you should nonetheless evaluate your first aid needs.

Steps for representatives

Verify that your company has provided sufficient and logical first aid in the workplace. Encourage your teammates to complete their first aid training.

Important information

  • First aid supplies should always be available at work since they can save lives.

  • First aid must be accessible to you both on-site and off-site by your employer.

  • The first aid you have at work should be based on a risk assessment of the workplace.

  • An easily available first aid kit with standard first aid supplies should be provided by your company.