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Prize & sweepstake scam

If you`ve obtained a textual content message or e-mail claiming you`ve been decided on to participate in a survey or obtain a prize/lottery, you is probably the recipient of a prize scam. Find out what those scams can also additionally appear to be and pointers that will help you live secure online.

What are prize scams

Prize scams try and trick human beings into sharing charge records like credit score card information claiming it`s for use for the delivery of a prize (regularly a telecellsmartphone). The scams typically say which you`ve received a prize (e.g. grocery store voucher or a cellular telecellsmartphone) or that you can win a prize with the aid of using finishing an internet survey. You will then be directed to a web site in which you`re requested in your information and doubtlessly your credit score card information to pay for the delivery of the prize.

We propose you delete any correspondence in case you suppose you’ve got got been focused for this scam. If you`re nevertheless uncertain if the touch is genuine, please touch the retailer (preferably with the aid of using their touch number) it claims to have come from in case you need to test the authenticity, with the aid of using the use of the publicly indexed records to be had on their company website.

Common methods of the scam

  • Letting you already know which you have received a TV, Mobile Phone etc.

  • Telling you which you have received an worldwide lottery and having to ship out non-public records or your cash in change for the finances to be launched

  • Filling out a survey from an unknown site/e-mail that says to praise you as soon as completed

  • Winning a opposition via a organization however unreliable conversation reassets e.g. the Countdown instance visible above

Not sure if it is a scam or real?

If you’re uncertain if the e-mail/textual content message you obtained is certainly actual or a scam, right here are some matters you may examine that will help you make your decision:

If there’s a organization call within the e-mail e.g. New World, touch New World in a one-of-a-kind manner than via that e-mail (through telecellsmartphone is best) and enquire with them. If it’s far a scam, they may then be knowledgeable approximately it and have the ability that will help you going forward. You also can test their social media accounts, from time to time if it’s far a extensive unfold difficulty they might have published approximately it, informing clients to keep away from the messages.

If the message calls for you to ship cash or non-public records for the prize, delivery prices, processing prices or some thing like that, then it’s far maximum probable a scam. When prevailing a opposition or prize, you generally don`t must pay some thing for it to be launched to you, it must be protected with the aid of using the organization. If you’ve got been requested to provide non-public records or a charge, and suppose it is probably actual, touch the organization through a one-of-a-kind approach to verify.

Check if your e-mail address is leaked due to data leakage. In this case, the scammer may have obtained your email address through the infringement and sent a large number of emails to multiple people. Here you can see if your email address has been hacked. Check the email address that received the email. If you’re not sure if it’s from a company or a potential scam, a quick search on the internet will tell you if it’s a real company email or something that was used by a scammer in the past. I understand. It’s also important to remember that scammers are wise in their actions. Some scams seem very realistic and compelling, but not all are obvious. If you don’t know what to do, it’s safer to search the Internet quickly to find an offer or company than to click on a potentially malicious link.

What to do if you receive this scam by SMS

  • Do not reply to the message or open any links that may be contained in the message. If your phone has the ability to block text messages for a particular phone number, block the scammer’s phone number.

  • You can check with your phone provider or online to see if your phone model supports this locking feature.

  • Remove fraudulent SMS. What to do if you receive this scam by email

  • Do not reply to the email or click on links that may be included in the email. Block scammers’ email addresses. The easiest way to do this is to mark the email as junk. When an email is marked as junk, the email filter learns to redirect emails from that scammer’s email address from your inbox. What to do if you click the link

  • Close the page displaying the fraudulent message.

  • Scan for malware on the device you were using at that time. Malware is malicious software such as a computer virus. You may use a free online scanner to look for threats on your computer.

  • If you open the link on your mobile phone, you can ask your phone company how to scan and remove the malware. Keep in mind that this may include a factory reset of the device. This will erase everything you have saved (including photos). This should only be done after the backup.

What to do if you`ve shared private information or bank details

If you have shared any bank account information you should report the incident to your bank immediately. This includes credit card information. If you have sent money using your credit card you can speak to your bank about applying for a charge back. If you have sent money via an online money transfer platform (such as Bitcoin) the transaction is likely untraceable, and you may not be able to get your money back.