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Office resource management

What is the best way to recycle office waste?

Although recycling office waste such as paper is preferable to landfill disposal, keep in mind that recycling has environmental consequences as well as transportation and energy costs.

You should prioritize waste elimination or reduction, as well as material reuse, because these will lower your purchase and disposal costs. After you’ve exhausted all other options, consider recycling your office waste.

Office waste types that can be recycled

Wastes that your company may generate that can be recycled include:

  • Office paper.

  • Cardboard printer cartridges shredded paper.

  • Bottles made of plastic.

  • Cans of food and beverages.

  • Electrical equipment.

The ease with which they can be recycled is determined by the services available in your area and the quantity produced.

How to reduce office waste

You can improve your office’s recycling policy by doing the following:

  • considering whether the items you purchase for the office – supplies, consumables, equipment, components, and so on – are created from recycled materials and whether they can be easily recycled;

  • ensuring that purchases are packed with recycled or recyclable materials (where packaging is required);

  • assessing current recycling activities and investigating methods to improve them;

  • creating a plan of action to improve recycling;

  • performance evaluation;

  • make recycling bins at least as accessible as garbage disposal containers.

Working with suppliers of equipment, materials, and consumables can assist them understand your company’s environmental policy. This will motivate suppliers to find and supply products that suit your specifications.

Choosing a recycling company for your office waste

To locate a garbage contractor who can meet your workplace recycling needs, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What resources are you going to recycle?

  • Will you need the waste contractor to collect the materials, or can you drop them off at a facility?

  • Is the service appropriate for your company’s size? If you produce very little waste, a weekly scheduled collection may not be necessary.

  • How will you collect and store the recyclable materials?

  • How will you pay for the service?

  • May only office paper be collected, or can mixed paper, shredded paper, and confidential materials be collected?

What are my legal obligations regarding office waste?

If your business generates waste, you must take reasonable precautions to keep it safe and secure, and to keep it from creating pollution or harming anyone – this is your duty of care for business waste.