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Increasing workplace fitness

There are strategies to promote fitness that will boost employee well-being, motivation, and productivity rather than irritate them.

Many of us spend our days sitting at desks, working on computers, and occasionally getting up for a cup of tea. With more than a year in and out of lockdown, exercise isn’t always at the top of our priority list.

What are the advantages of having fit and healthy employees?

There are several significant ways that improving health and fitness in the workplace benefits your company.

It decreases absence

Workplace absenteeism is expected to cost the economy significantly in the foreseeable future. Fitter employees are less likely to require sick leave, as a healthy body is better at fighting off infections and recovering faster if they become unwell.

It implies improved performance

Employees who exercise report more concentration, motivation, and energy than those who do not. According to studies, exercising might enhance work output by up to 21%.

It brings together groups

A shared purpose that isn’t necessarily related to day-to-day job duties is an excellent method to create team cohesion. People bond easily with physical effort, whether it’s a weight reduction program, training for a sponsored 5K run, or weekly yoga sessions together—and bonded teams are productive teams.

How to encourage employee fitness

A good workplace employee fitness and wellness program should be voluntary, non-intrusive, and open to workers of all fitness levels and abilities. While you may be a seasoned climber or mountain biker, not everyone in the office has the necessary equipment or a fear of heights!

Begin slowly. Encourage individuals to walk to work rather than drive, or to get off the bus a stop early. Employee fitness programs do not have to imply that everyone goes to the gym on Monday morning. Avoid coming across as patronizing — comedy is a smart way to go.

The following are some suggestions for increasing employee fitness and productivity in the workplace.

Standing desks may not appear to be particularly active, and they aren’t, but standing periodically rather than sitting all day increases the usage of different muscle groups and aids in the prevention of musculoskeletal ailments. Simply moving more provides benefits.

App challenges: Some wellness applications allow you to form groups and offer challenges to them. For example, the total number of steps taken by a team in a month, with the winning team receiving recognition and a little award.

Charity activities: Everywhere you go, there are organizations organizing sponsored runs. Sign up for a short event, such as a 5K race, to encourage activity and companionship.

Make it a perk for employees

Rather than attempting to create a staff fitness program on your own, you could always hire an outside organization. Many businesses provide cheap corporate gym memberships, activity tracker apps, and amazing savings on healthy food. Providing this type of employee bonus will improve your reputation and promote employee morale.