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Four ways that fitness can help you at work

Exercising frequently is not only important for your health; it may also boost your career.

The cost of employee illness to organizations is well-documented and increasing. However, there are more personal reasons to engage in your physical and mental well-being than just saving your employer money: here are four of our favorite ways that physical activity helps your career.

It has the ability to boost your productivity

According to research, taking care of your health and wellness leads to considerable benefits in productivity and performance at work.

It can improve your focus and creativity

Are you feeling uninspired? Are you stuck in a creative rut? Have a lot of issues but no idea how to address them? Put on your sneakers and get moving since a study discovered that individuals who exercised four times per week were more able to think creatively than sedentary ones.

It may provide fresh opportunities to expand your professional network

Business networking used to take place over a round of golf or a round of beers. However, people are becoming more health concerned; it is estimated that one in every five adults does not consume alcohol, with teetotalism growing in popularity among young people in particular.

So, if you want to meet new people, why not try sweatworking’ at your local gym or sports center – either by attending special events or simply pulling out your headphones and talking to strangers?

Exercising outside can provide additional benefits

If you choose to exercise outside, you will multiply the inherent physical and mental benefits of moving your body.

So, the next time you plan an away day or team bonding event, why not incorporate outdoor activities like sports, cycling, or hiking and reap the benefits of being outside in nature? Or, instead of another sit-down meeting with your direct reports, how about a walking meeting? It’s simple to add additional activity to your working day with a little planning – and get the advantages.