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First aid in the workplace: why should you train employees?

Providing workplace first aid training has numerous advantages, ranging from increased morale to increased production.

Workplaces can be anything from offices to construction sites, but they are all places where people spend a significant amount of time. Minimizing the impact of employees becoming ill or injured is not only crucial for their health, but it also makes good commercial sense.

Training personnel in first aid is the most effective strategy to ensure events are controlled and employees recover as quickly as possible. Employees that are trained in first aid in the workplace assist both the employees and the employer.

What exactly is workplace first aid training?

Workplace first aid should encompass the best methods for dealing with common situations

such as caring for cuts, bandaging a wound, and assisting with minor headaches or flu symptoms. It should also cover potentially fatal scenarios such as unconsciousness, hemorrhage, and trauma.

These are some of the abilities covered in such courses:

  • Administering CPR;

  • Mastering the Heimlich manoeuvre;

  • Using a defibrillator;

  • Controlling bleeding;

  • Dealing with unconsciousness.

Here are several advantages that organizations can obtain by providing first aid training to their employees:

It provides workers with the confidence to save lives

While many people feel compelled to assist a coworker who has been injured in the workplace, they don’t always know what to do. Formal first aid training courses outline a number of circumstances and explain the most appropriate procedures to follow, providing staff the confidence to follow these steps in real life.

Aids in the reduction of workplace accidents

Prevention is better than cure, and first responders are more aware of workplace safety hazards than people with no experience in the field. This implies they’re more likely to contribute to a decrease in accidents and injuries, which helps to prevent disruptions to your business’s operations.

Encourages a positive work atmosphere

Taking first aid training seriously sends a powerful message to your workforce that the organization values their well-being. It can even be utilized as a team development activity to show how employees can rely on one another in a variety of situations. A favorable attitude toward first aid can lead to a more pleasant working environment for everyone.

Backs up personnel who are working alone

Some jobs demand employees to work in remote locations where no one is available to assist in the event of an accident. Training lone workers in first aid will allow them to approach situations calmly and buy themselves more time if they are harmed or hurt while performing their duties.

Ensures that first-aid kits are utilized correctly

Your organization has most certainly invested in first aid kits, which can be found throughout the grounds. Employees should be instructed on what’s within these kits, how to properly maintain them, and how to use them in a preventative manner if an incident occurs. Otherwise, first aid kits may fail to meet their full potential or be discovered to be lacking critical materials in the event of an accident.