AbleToTrain by Willing & Able

AbleToTrain is an all-in-one LMS (Learning Management System), suitable for all industries, yet personalized for your own employees. Improve employee knowledge, guarantee effortless legal compliance, and speed up training activities.


In the tool, you can find legal compliance trainings as well as obligatory trainings related to many industries. Whether your employees need to be trained on legal conformities, or you are obliged to provide newcomers with a set of trainings, AbleToTrain is there for you.


Most managers know which set of requirements each employee needs to adhere to. With us, you can make your own trainings suitable for your business and employees. Meantime you can find an assortment of standard compliance trainings in the tool.


Create, assign, and store all your trainings in one cloud-based safe place. Have access to your drafted and completed trainings from anywhere at any time.

Assign Trainings

Assign trainings to each employee taking into account their current proficiency and learning needs. Creating a personalized training plan helps you ensure that each employee is improving the skills they need to work on the most. You can also assign trainings to multiple employees, to whole locations or all members in your company with a few clicks.

Track the process

Putting an emphasis on employee development saves money, boosts productivity, results in higher employee satisfaction, and maintains obedience to internal rules and policies. Always stay on track with the progress of your employees.

Find country-based standard trainings

Our lawyers prepare a database of standard trainings used in particular countries to save your time and be fully compliant with a chosen country’s laws and regulations.

Translate Trainings

Multilingual trainings are not an issue anymore. Easily translate your trainings to different languages to make the learning process for your employees easier. Make sure your employees are compliant with the specific laws all over the world.


It’s important that new hires acquire the essential skills and behaviour patterns to orient, adapt easily and rapidly to the new work environment and their position. Cut down on the onboarding process and resources by using our digital solution.

Track the progress

Keep an eye on the training progress that each employee is making to gain an understanding of their acquired knowledge, additional learning needs and to prove that you fulfilled your legal training obligations. You’re able to check which trainings are still being worked on, which ones have been successfully passed, and which employees did not take the mandatory trainings.


Reward your employees for putting in effort and mastering the training by issuing digital certificates. Choose one of the templates we provide, customize it and that’s all. Certifying is easier than you think. The certificates are distributed digitally in PDF format and the users may print them out.