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Frequently Asked Questions


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Yes. AbleToTrain offers a free plan with up to 5 users without time limitation.

Yes! Choose one of our subscription plans to use country-specific standard trainings prepared by our lawyers.

Yes, please configure your e-mail setting to be able to use all the features of AbleToTrain. You will find helpful information to guide you through the process.

You can change your initial e-mail address, but it must belong to one of the trusted domains of your company.

No, you are not asked to provide billing details of any type while using the free plan. Only when you decide to upgrade your subscription, you will be asked to attach billing details to start your subscription.

Yes, you can upgrade your subscription plan in your Subscription and Billing Settings whenever you want․

Yes, you can cancel your subscription plan before the termination period. By canceling your subscription plan before the termination period, you ensure that you will not be charged for the subsequent billing periods. After cancellation of the subscription plan, you can make full use of the system until the end of your current contractual period.

You can downgrade your subscription plan. However, your current subscription plan will retain force until the end of the contractual period. By the expiry of your current subscription plan, a new annual contract will be created for you with the downgraded subscription plan.

The paid subscription plans are based on annual contracts; however, the total amount of the annual subscription plan is billed in smaller monthly installments․

Yes, we offer any subscription plan for FREE to organizations with a humanitarian mission. Contact us and tell us about your organization to check if you meet the requirements.

There is no limit. You can use the standard trainings, create your own unlimited ones under any subscription plan.