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Exercises you can do at your desk that are simple and effective

Working a desk job for 40 hours a week — or even more during the busy season — helping your kids with their schoolwork, taking care of your dog, cooking dinner, and commuting leaves little to no time to exercise.

To save you the trouble of browsing the web for solutions, we’ve selected ten exercises that you can do right at your desk—some even while sitting. Before beginning any of these desk workout regimens, consult with your doctor.

Neck tension relief

Before you begin any workout, make sure you release any tension that has built up from hours of sitting at your desk. By relieving the strain on your muscles, these yoga techniques for your neck and shoulders will help you avoid headaches or neck pain later in the evening.

Despite how basic these maneuvers appear, they are quite effective and cause little pain. Simply lower your chin, roll your head around, roll your shoulders both directions, and stretch your arms.

Wrist extensions

These wrist stretches, which are especially beneficial for people who spend a lot of time on the computer, can help you relieve and avoid wrist pain and other more serious disorders in the future.

Here are some simple ideas: Lift your palms, extend your arms, push your palms together, shake your hands to relieve stress, or attempt wrist curls with water bottles as weights.

Knees that are high

Do you require some cardio? Stand up from your workstation and raise your knees as high as you can.

This workout is similar to running in place, except you focus on raising your knees. To ensure that you’re executing the exercise correctly, use your hands and tap the palms with your knees.

Leg raises while sitting

You’ll never have to skip leg day again with this routine. You may complete these leg and abdominal exercises while in a meeting or on a conference call and no one will notice.

Sit tall in your office chair. Straighten your left leg till it is parallel to the floor and hold for 10 seconds. Reverse the procedure with your right leg.

Repeat for 15 reps on each leg. Once you’ve gained strength, try adding weight to the workout by looping your handbag or briefcase around your legs while performing the raises.

Make your own workout routine

Make a whole regimen out of any workout you choose. Start with five or six exercises and progressively add more if you’re a beginner. Two or three exercises are preferable to none, but you will not get consistent benefits.

You won’t be able to get in one or two hours of physical activity at work. So set a timer for 15 to 30 minutes or just stop making excuses and go to the gym during your lunch break.

What will you do next to keep in shape?