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Exercise can boost employee productivity in four ways

The happiness of your employees has a big impact on how productive your business is. Your staff must be fully engaged or they won’t be able to provide their very best, in addition to having a fantastic corporate culture, an exciting leadership team, and a well-equipped office. How can we make sure our employees are in the best shape given that their health and wellness are important factors in their capacity to perform their jobs properly, as we have previously discussed? Exercise is the simple solution.

Companies now embrace employee wellness programs in the business sphere. The bottom line benefits from the decreased absenteeism and attrition, improved medical expenditures, and decreased insurance rates.

Exercise improves focus & concentration

Employee performance on exercise days was much higher than on non-exercise days, according to research that compared the two.

  • For completing their work on time, employees demonstrated a 22 percent improvement.

  • The percentage of time spent working without unplanned breaks increased by 25%.

  • When compared to days when they did not exercise, 41% more employees said they felt motivated to work.

  • Scores on concentration increased by 21%.

The businesses in question had on-site gyms, which made the employees’ workout days easier. However, this does not imply that businesses must establish on-site fitness centers in order to benefit. A smart place to start is by providing staff with gym memberships and allowances as benefits, as well as by encouraging and guiding them to take use of the opportunity.

Scheduling your workouts during work hours is another simple way to get started with an exercise routine. The benefits of a little workout before work have long been recognized by Japanese businesses. This approach, which involved investing in the workers themselves to help them become the best they can be, was inspired by their kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement.

Companies like Honda went one step further, putting new assembly line workers through a two-week workout program with sessions that mimicked the movements they would need to make while working. There is much to be learned from the Honda method if your business works with tasks that call for manual dexterity.

The immune system is boosted by exercise

The best line of protection against disease is the immune system. The immune system is activated by any antigens—bacteria, viruses, and other foreign invaders that cause disease—that make their way into the body. This is crucial since sick days and absenteeism are the top productivity killers in the workplace.

By generating antibodies that seek out and latch onto these antigens, our bodies combat illness. T Cells are released by the body to remove them and rid the body of the illness.

Exercise gives you more energy

Without a doubt, being weary at work reduces productivity. For many workers, fatigue is a significant issue. Exercise truly offers you extra energy, despite the fact that it may seem paradoxical.


One of the essential components of good health is exercise. According to the studies that are available, the best approaches to include fitness in a corporate program include:

  • Programs for morning exercise before starting the shift.

  • Employees should regularly go on walks, ideally with their families.

  • Sit-stand workstations to promote two hours of standing each day and cut down on sitting time.

  • Incentives for strength training through on-site fitness centers or gym memberships.

Consider putting some or all of these suggestions into practice as they can all significantly improve your employee’s effectiveness at work. Over time, it will affect the bottom line and keep workers more engaged and committed to their jobs.