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Eight excellent strategies for making your business more sustainable

Finding the optimal revenue-to-cost ratio is crucial for corporate success. The economy’s peaks and troughs are difficult to foresee, but any organization may increase its profitability by properly managing costs. With our eight top recommendations, see if you can make your business more sustainable.

Establish a baseline

Conduct an environmental audit of your company to identify present weaknesses and to track future progress versus goals.

Put sustainability at the heart of your company

Create a sustainability action plan and goals, and consider adopting an environmental management system to take a more formal approach to environmental changes.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle your business waste to save money

Your company’s waste can be an overly expensive burden, such as a landfill tax, or an untapped potential source of money.

Consider the following waste-management options:

  • Reduce waste in your company to save money.

  • Profits can be increased by reusing corporate waste.

  • Recycle your commercial waste.

Energy efficiency can help you save money

Improved control of heating and hot water systems, lighting systems, idle office equipment, and machinery are all potential areas for cost savings through energy efficiency.

Reduce your water consumption to save money

Reduced water use, rainwater storage, and sustainable drainage systems can all help your organization become more water efficient.

Make your procedures more efficient to save money

Examine your processes closely to identify avoidable waste in resources, work, and time to increase your process efficiency.

Reduce business travel to save money

Examine investing in video conferencing capabilities to reduce travel needs, and consider more environmentally friendly alternatives to car travel with a corporate travel plan.

Examine your progress and strive to improve

Making a succession of environmental changes should keep you from having to start from scratch, but monitoring and expanding on your progress is essential for continuously improving your organization. Meanwhile, you can capitalize on the opportunity to promote your hard-won environmental credentials.