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Definition of work-related stress – What is stress?

Stress is not an illness, although it can lead to mental and physical illness if it becomes extreme and/or prolonged. Working is generally beneficial to people if it is well designed, but it may also be a significant source of stress.

Pressure can be a beneficial and motivating influence, assisting us in achieving our goals and performing better. Stress is a natural reaction when this strain becomes overwhelming.

Are you stressed?

The following is not an entire list of the symptoms of stress, but if you notice that your attitudes or behavior are changing as a result of a scenario at work or at home, this may suggest stress and the need to seek further guidance from your GP.

Work-related stress can affect everyone

Work that is well-designed, organized, and managed is healthy for us, but when there is insufficient attention paid to job design, work organization, and management, it can result in work-related stress.

Work-related stress develops when a person is unable to meet the demands imposed on them. Stress, including work-related stress, is a significant cause of disease and has been connected to high levels of sick leave, worker turnover, and other difficulties such as increased errors.

Stress can be an unseen and gradual accumulation of the numerous demands encountered at work, at home, and in everyday life. Most people can deal with major difficulties and find them fascinating, but for some, they are too demanding, and when paired with everything else going on, they can become overwhelming, resulting in stress.

Stress affects people in various ways that can either be dealt with or, if not identified, understood, or effectively addressed, lead to more physical and mental problems.


Stress is a difficult subject to cope with since everyone reacts differently to pressure. Personal concerns can also have an impact on the workplace since people may arrive at work already stressed from their personal lives. However, a business can take steps such as establishing clear regulations, conducting stress evaluations, and providing employee training.