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7 Ways to burn more calories at work while sitting at your desk

If you work long hours at a desk, you’ve probably heard that sitting all day is bad for you. Long durations of sitting, while not as dramatic as approaching death, can increase your risk of chronic health disorders and may even reduce your metabolism, leading to weight gain.

There are activities you can do at your desk (or even away from your computer) to stay active and burn calories.

Take frequent pauses

One of the most beneficial things you can do for your body and mind throughout the workday is to take a brief walk away from your desk and computer. Taking your eyes off the screen and your buttocks off the seat, even if it’s just to the restroom or to refill your water bottle, will do wonders for your health.

Set an alarm on your smartphone or fitness tracker to remind you to move at least once per hour. At the absolute least, follow the 20-20-20 rule, which states that you should gaze 20 feet away every 20 minutes for 20 seconds.

Increase the creativity in your workplace

While it may not be possible in every office, choosing a standing, walking, or even biking workstation will help you burn more calories while working. During the day, you can often alternate between sitting and standing at a standing desk.

While you may not want to work on a treadmill or cycle desk on a regular basis, many firms now have a shared active desk where you may go for a set length of time to respond to bulk emails or have a conference call.

Stretch your body

Sitting at a desk all day might cause cramping and pain. Stretching is an excellent technique to relieve stress and burn calories. You could do the following two desk stretches:

1. Side Stretch:

Sit up straight and extend your arms above your head. Lean to the left with your hands clasped until you feel a mild stretch along your right side. Hold for 10 to 20 seconds before extending to the right.

2. Seated Cat/Cow:

Keep your hands over your head after these side stretches. Imagine hollowing out your tummy as you breathe and curve forward. Consider forming a letter “C” with your body. When you inhale, reverse your position so that your back is arched and your chest is expanded. Change between the two, letting your deep breaths guide you.

Keep your posture

Slouching at your workstation requires little muscle effort. Sitting up straight, shoulders back, and abs firm, on the other hand, develops several muscles in your chest, back, and shoulders. This additional effort can help you burn a few more calories while also keeping your back in good shape.

To tone your abdomen, suck in your abs and keep them tight for 60 seconds or more as often as feasible. Replace your office chair with a stability ball if possible to help you burn more calories while working to balance and maintain appropriate posture.

Take it out

You are not permitted to do a dance routine at work unless you have a private office, but you are permitted to tap your feet. Begin by tapping your toes 25 times while your heel remains on the ground. Then, tap your foot 25 times side to side, utilizing your heel as a pivot point. You can alternate feet or work on one foot at a time.

Raise your calves

Standing calf raises are a terrific exercise for shaping your lower legs and burning a few calories if you strength train. Even though your calves will not have to work as hard while sitting, you can still do them in your office chair.

Sit up straight, feet flat on the floor. Then, raise your heels as far off the floor as possible. Repeat 10 to 15 times with your heels lowered. Press your hands against your knees to generate resistance as you lift your heels to make this more difficult and burn a few extra calories.

Pretend you’re walking

While getting up from your desk as much as possible is the most effective way to burn calories at work, if you’re genuinely confined to your desk, you can pretend to walk to burn a few calories.

Straighten your back. Lift your right leg up, lower it, lift your left leg up, lower it, and repeat as many times as you desire while keeping your knees bent. You’ll burn more calories and tone your back if you tighten your buns as you “walk.” To work your quadriceps after your stroll, slowly extend each leg 10 times.