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7 solutions for a better communication 

Human interactions are driven by a strong desire to communicate. Communication is at the heart of human interactions, and effective communication would decrease the burning desire to communicate. 

Communication is the key

Quarrels, misunderstandings, and strained relationships might all be avoided with effective communication. Our emotions, on the other hand, overwhelm us, our insecurities bind our tongues, and mental filters prevent us from speaking from the heart.

As a result of these self-imposed limits, words are lost or completely incorrect words occur. Confessing our innermost ideas and feelings without walls is a challenging task, which is why we all face communication barriers in some form or another.

Best seven communication rules

To have the best possible relationship with others, follow these seven communication rules:

  1. Listen first, speak later.

  2. Keep an eye on your body language; being calm and natural will help you communicate more effectively.

  3. Before you say anything, write down your thoughts.

  4. Know who you’re talking to and tailor your message to their individual needs.

  5. Instead of making arguments, provide solutions.

  6. Speak with confidence rather than fear.

  7. “I love you” has the power to heal practically anything.