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5 reasons to implement a data backup solution

A business’s failure to have a data backup and recovery strategy can result in serious issues, ranging from permanent data loss to downtime and high recovery expenses. However, most Romanian small and medium-sized businesses lack a backup system and believe that “it won’t happen to me.”

Indeed, the majority of the requests we receive from businesses are in response to an event in which our experts are urged to recover data at any cost. However, without a backup solution, such data is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to recover.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top five reasons why it’s critical to put in place a plan for backing up and restoring your company’s data, as well as preventing such accidents.

It is easy to lose data

Human error or device malfunction account for more than half of all data loss instances, and both of these sources are difficult to avoid.

We see situations like this in the firms we work with, and we can assure you that it is quite simple to lose crucial data, which is then extremely difficult, if not impossible, to retrieve.

It’s unpleasant to have downtime

When data is lost, the company’s operations are severely harmed. Consider how tough it would be for your staff to carry on their everyday tasks if they didn’t have access to company apps or client information.

No management wants to be in a scenario where they have to do everything to retrieve the data. When there is no recovery solution in place, however, data recovery operations are massive, and everything that was lost in the catastrophe is frequently recreated from the ground up.

Some data is priceless

As previously said, without a recovery strategy, it is extremely impossible to retrieve critical data, forcing you to begin reconstructing everything from the ground up.

What are the critical data points for your organization without which you would be unable to operate?


Any data is the target of attacks

Your data will always be subject to sophisticated assaults, whether you run a digital marketing firm, a technical blog, or work for a corporation.

Although we frequently hear from potential clients that “my firm is too tiny to be of interest to hackers,” it turns out that small firms are the target of nearly 45 percent of all cyber assaults.


How much is your company’s reputation worth?

Give this imagination exercise about one minute: suppose you lose some crucial data that you can no longer recover.

  • How do you choose to explain them to customers?

  • How will your customers react to such news? Irritated, nervous?

  • Would he give up doing business with you after this incident?



The loss of crucial data can harm your company’s image in the eyes of consumers and future customers, who will undoubtedly hear about it (you know how an unhappy client tells all his friends), especially today when data security is so vital.

Do you want to learn more about data backup and recovery options, as well as how to avoid the dangers of data loss? Contact us to speak with one of our experts about your company’s data backup strategy.