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3 Ways workplace recycling can be beneficial to business

If your desire to protect the environment motivates you to implement a recycling program at work, you might be surprised to find other beneficial effects that are equally tempting. Here are a few unexpected ways that workplace recycling might benefit your business:

  • Reduced trash collection fees.

  • Employee morale has improved.

  • Improved company image.

Continue reading to learn more about the changes you may experience in the workplace when recycling:

Reduced trash collection fees

A recycling program in the office can help your organization generate less dumpster waste, lowering your trash collection rates. Contact your waste management company to compare recycling and trash prices to get an actual cost-savings estimate. Another method to save money on waste while also lowering your carbon impact is to use our free and low-cost office supply recycling services.

Employee morale has increased

Many individuals respect sustainability activities because they align with their principles, and there has been a noticeable shift in the value placed on them over the last decade. In fact, data indicates that many employees prioritize sustainability over profitability while seeking for a job. Simple steps toward a greener office, such as developing an easy-to-follow workplace recycling program, can help you feel happier – and more productive – at work.

Company image improvement

Employees are drawn to an eco-friendly office, and workplace recycling can improve your company’s image among existing and potential consumers who care about the environment. To give your organization a competitive advantage, promote your green efforts in marketing materials and on sales calls.

There’s no mistake about it: recycling in the workplace benefits both the environment and company. When you start your office recycling program, take a moment to observe these and other useful effects – and share them with other firms who haven’t yet gone green.