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10 ways organizations can prevent social engineering attacks

Most organizations are aware of cyberattacks and have invested heavily in security measures to mitigate security threats. All of this is there, but the digital world still has an element called humans. Attackers exploit corporate human error to bypass the security layer. Hacking humans is called a social engineering attack.

Social engineering attacks have a long history prior to the rise of computers and the Internet. However, you don’t have to go back there to find an example of the biggest social engineering attack. Social engineering threats take many forms, including: Sprinkler hole websites, phishing scams, real-world baits, whaling attacks, latent attacks, and quid pro quo attacks.

The social engineering security threats never go away, but most can be managed by taking precautionary measures to prevent social engineering attacks.

Top 10 Ways to Prevent Social Engineering Attacks

1. Multi-factor authentication

Do not rely on one factor. The most basic precautions are to ensure the security of your account. Of course, passwords provide security, but it turns out that it’s not enough. It’s much easier for someone else to guess your password and access your account. The password can be accessed via social engineering. Multifactor verification is required. This can include anything from biometric access to security questions to OTP codes.

2. Continuously monitor critical systems

Make sure that the system containing sensitive information is monitored 24/7. When certain exploit tactics, such as Trojan horses, are deployed, they may rely on vulnerable systems. Using Web Application Scan to scan both external and internal systems can help you find system vulnerabilities.

You should also perform social engineering at least once a year to assess whether your employees are at risk of social engineering. Once tracked, if a fake domain exists, it can be immediately removed to avoid piracy online.

3. Use NextGen’s cloud-based WAF

Your organization may already have a firewall installed, but next-generation cloud-based web application firewalls are specifically designed to ensure maximum protection against social engineering attacks. Web WAFs are very different from traditional WAFs used by most organizations.

Specifically, AppTrana can consistently monitor your web application or website for unusual activity or fraud. Social engineering threats rely on human error, but block attacks and warn of attempts to install malware. Implementing riskbased WAF is one of the best ways to prevent social engineering attacks and any potential infiltration.

4. Confirm the identity of the email sender

Most scams involve a method of spoofing a trusted entity to misrepresent the victim’s information. Especially in phishing attacks, attackers send email messages that appear to come from trusted senders. For example, from a credit card company, bank, social networking site, or online store. Emails often contain stories that entice you to click on fake links that look legitimate.

To avoid this type of social engineering threat, contact the alleged sender of the email message and see if the sender sent the email. Remember that legitimate banks do not email approved credentials or sensitive information.

5. Identify important assets that attract criminals

You need to evaluate and identify what you want to protect from an attacker’s point of view, considering assets other than products, services, or intellectual property.

6. Check for SSL Certificate

Encrypting data, emails, and communication ensure that even if hackers intercept your communication, they can`t be able to access the information contained within. This can be achieved by obtaining SSL certificates from trusted authorities.

Furthermore, always verify the site, which asks for your sensitive information. Check the URL to confirm the authenticity of your site. URLs that start with https: // can be considered a trusted encrypted website. The http: // website does not provide a secure connection.

7. Penetration test

The most effective approach to prevent social engineering attacks is to conduct penetration testing to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in your organization. If penetration testing can compromise critical systems, you can focus on which system or people and identify which types of social engineering attacks may be vulnerable.

8. Check and Update your Security Patches

Cybercriminals are generally looking for weaknesses in your application, software, or systems. As a preventive measure, always maintain your security updates to date and keep your web browsers & systems up to date with the latest versions. It is because companies update security measures as a response whenever they uncover security loopholes. Maintaining the system in its current version not only reduces the likelihood of cyberattacks, but also guarantees a cyberattack-resistant environment.

9. Enable Spam Filter

Enable Spam filters and near the door for offenders of social engineering safety threats. Spam filters provide crucial offerings in defensive your inboxes from social engineering attacks.

Most e mail carrier carriers provide junk mail filters that maintain the emails which might be deemed as suspicious. With junk mail features, you could categorize emails effortlessly, and free of the terrible obligations of figuring out mistrustful emails.

10. Pay Attention to Your Digital Footprint

Oversharing of private information on-line via social media can provide those criminals greater facts to paintings with. For instance, in case you maintain your resume on-line, you must recollect censoring your date of birth, telecellsmartphone number, and home address. All that facts is beneficial for attackers who’re making plans a social engineering threat.

We endorse you hold your social media settings to “pals only” and suppose two times earlier than you proportion some thing on social media.

Final thoughts

The risks of social engineering threats are growing each day and now will become one of the primary cyber threats for organizations of all sizes. You must equip your commercial enterprise with right protection measures to save you social engineering attacks.

Make positive that your enterprise has the strategies to hastily hit upon safety incidents, display what goes on, and signals your safety crew a good way to take on the spot action.